Life is an adventure,
take one with Carco

NextGen Framework

NextGen Drivers Application
& Decentralized Social Network

CARCO is a set of thematic content intended for drivers as well as a wide range of other users. It’s built on social platform interface where users connect, interact and share experiences. A payment system “Carcopay« based on Ethereum blockchain is added to the core of communication interface, which enables payment for individual services within the CARCO system and outside the system with real time conversion of CryptoCurrency to desired currency like USD, EUR, RUB, CNY, JPY etc. In addition to social content, all services that are required by drivers will be available to users and will be possible to use with CarcoBonus. A specific segment of the application is a revolutionary approach to advertising, powered by a propriatery advertising AI. CarcoPlay platform is an invaluable added value to the system itself, and we believe that users will enjoy single and multiplayer games available on CarcoPlay and its earned prizes and rewards.

Communication is an integral part of everyday life.

CARCO is a comprehensive technologic solution, that offers drivers a simple communication, payment service and entertainment!


Complete voice control

Powerful, completely voice controled drivers application for easy hands free operating.


Universal communication interface

Looks beautiful & ultra-sharp on Retina Screen Displays. Retina Icons, Fonts & all others graphics are optimized.


Large community

Large user database helps provide road assistance, simple communication, generating huge amount of data on user behaviour and deliver unmatched fast performance.

Connects drivers and others on social platform

CarCo connects drivers via powerfull voice controlled app that opens another diension in hands free communication.

Offers a wide range of different service providers

CarCo partners with large and small providers that benefit from the CarCo system on many levels. User can therefor buy gas and other products on the go, call tow service, repair vehicle. etc.

CARCO token as a payment system with 0% commision

CarCo Token is simply the easiest and cheapest way to pay for services and products. CarCo Token consists of unparalleled API and optimized premade connectors that are completely customizable and deliver unmatched fast performance.

CarCo is opening advertising horizons

CarCo with its unique application is opening new horizons in advertising industry. GPS and NFC will bring geo targeted user friendly ads at the right moment to turn a potential user into a happy client. CarCoHorizont is an open platform that conects all major Advertising players, thus widening the possibilities and strenghtening simplicity of use.

Making money with CARCO

Carco is a uniqe app that lets you earn money simply by driving your car. You can spend earned tokens using services from our partners or playing games online.

Pleasure in gaming world

CarCoHub will bring the gaming back into your world. You'll be able to download games or playonline, upgrade your heroes with earned carco tokens and communicate wth other players on CarCoHub.

Find out how it works in a short movie.

Available soon on all Major Platforms.

We will make our App available on all Major Platforms

CarCo users are of all ages. They all have one thing in common though, CarCo app that runs on iPhone, Android and Windows platform. It provides them with simple to use user interface, with all the data they need durring their journey.


CarCo Roadmap

Activity timeline and planned actions
  • 2016 | Idea

    Initial idea hatching and testing in a closed circle of friends and entrepreneurs and evaluating the idea strength.

  • 2016 | Market research

    A vast market of ever emerging new applications has proven the idea was right on spot since no app is currently offering the needed communication capabilities for drivers.

  • 2017 | Assembling The Team

    Finding reliable people is essential to a successfull product launch. Therefor we have started gathering multinational team that will perform best.

  • 2017 | 1 CarCo Congress

    Alpha project presentation, 4th quarter.

  • %

    2018 | preICO Sale

    KICKICO crowdfunding campaign, 1st quarter

  • 2018 | 2.nd CarCo Congress

    Extensive ICO prepare and second CarCo Congress open for public, mid 2nd quarter

  • 2018 | ICO Sale

    KICKICO crowdfunding campaign, late 2nd quarter.

  • 2018 | Beta project

    Launching beta project, late 4th quarter

  • 2019 | CarCo and CarcoHub launch

    A full CarCo and CarcoHub launch, 2th quarter.

  • 2019 | Full CarCo project launch

    A full CarCo project launch incl. CarCoPay, CarCoPlay, CarCo Token, 4th quarter.


PreICO & ICO campaign

In total, 650 million tokens will be issued and distributed according to the following dynamic:

  • In preICO campaign 15% of tokens are nominated or in total 97500000 tokens
  • Token price is 1 CARCO=0,00008 ETH // 1 ETH=12500 Carco
  • We accept ETH
  • Our goal is to raise between 1000 ETH (soft cap) and 4200 ETH (hard cap)
  • We offer a 45-70% discount for preICO investors
  • Unsold preICO tokens will be transferred into the ICO pool
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CarCo Bounty program

Register and cooperate with us to get your own BOUNTY tokens in our official bounty program:

  • Get CCT bounty tokens for following activities:
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More info

Our Team



CEO and founder
15+ Years of experience in the development of IT and RFID technology. Strong expertise in the field of managing an IT projects, human resourcing, digital marketing and e-commerce. He established first RFID-EPC test lab for purpose of testing EPC products for customers of GS1 Slovenia.


COO and Co-Founder
He is a Founder and CEO of REVOLVER ltd. He has more than 15 years of experience with custom application development for hospitals and medium and small businesess. In his professional career he has worked in various R&D projects in the fields of business support, rural development, internal bank logistics, RFID for automotive industry, HACCP monitoring and custom IT solutions for business optimisation.


CIO and Co-Founder
Grigorii is Businessman and several entrepreneur with more than 15 years of experience from Engineering and social projects consulting. He is active sportsman and his life position “Be always part of something big!” lead him to his partnership with Carco, where his role is being chief information officer.
Matic Breznik

Matic Breznik

Owner & Founder of GeoM company, which consults in field of energy efficieny. Since 2016 he is business director - CBO of startup company »Ustvarjalnik«, where he's in charge of daily operations and managing relationship with clients and backers of entrepreneurial clubs.
Daria Vadimovna

Daria Vadimovna

Baltic expansion
With her skills and sense for perfection, Daria brings things to order. She has 6+ years of experience at International Company, where she was in charge for standardization in Office of Engineering Standards. Her Six Sigma certification helps team to be more disciplined, gives data-driven value approach to process and eliminating defects in products.
Vincent Maholetti

Vincent Maholetti

Europe operations
Vincent Maholetti brings more than 25 years of experience in many innovative projects. Vincent developed Auto-ID Systems for Litton Industries, started and established new markets for data capturing and supply chain management technologies. He worked for several companies like Esselte Meto, Teklogix, EFKON AG, RFiT-Solutions and Rodata AG. Today Vincent works at T-Systems (Deutsche Telekom) and is responsible for „Internet of Things" projects.
Levan Iremadze

Levan Iremadze

Lead Developer
Levan is the Chief IT Architect, 1C Developer and SCRUM team leader for complex data inside 1C. Levan brings more than 9 years of experience in programming and IT. At present he is Head of Product Development in Bi-Group TM, Astana
Janez Zaletel

Janez Zaletel

Janez has more than 25 years' experience in development of IT/SW solutions, project and team management in companies and banks like Merkur, Sportina, SKB bank. For the last 8 years he has been working for GS1 Slovenia, a part of the international organization GS1, currently as a Technical manager. Janez was one of the team members who established the Slovenian Oracle User Group - SIOUG in 1995 and has been it's President for 22 years.
Matjaž Aberšek

Matjaž Aberšek

Matjaž is a Court-certified Expert for Innovations, a President of Innovation Commission at Slovenian Chamber of Commerce - Regional Chamber Koroška. He has experience and knowledge in automotive business from his previous positions at Johnson Controls – Head of innovations, at Bosch Siemens - Director of Quality Management and has a deep understanding of Six Sigma and Lean Management from 6 sigma Academy, Brussels. He was one of the first five people in Slovenia entitled a “Black belt”
Dare Stojan

Dare Stojan

Founder and CEO of AVITEL ltd, Businessman, several entrepreneur with more than 40 years of strong experience from audiovisual and media technology. He has developed and consulted numerous international projects based on information society tech. and he is honorable Enterprise Member of the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC), Section for Transport, Energy, Infrastructure and the Information Society.
Andrejka Kumer

Andrejka Kumer

With more than 15 years of experience as an employed in the banking sector, Andreja with her vast knowledge always puts people in front of relation to the finance. She is a good analyst and always finds the theoretical output from the unsolvable situation. She created numerous of successful projects, which raises her benefits and impacts to satisfaction of the whole team and end customer.

"Life is an adventure, take one with CarCo."

CarcoPay offers a credit card that can be used for withdrawal of cash on ATM's
or paying for products and services in stores

carco pay

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become an investor?

To support our project and help us build a nextgen product thereby becoming a proud owner of Carco crypto currency Carco Token, simply click on the “BUY TOKEN” button and you’ll be taken to where you can join PREICO and ICO campaign, in the first quarter of 2018. You can always get in touch with us for more info on

Helpful Resources for Investors

Investing in projects which are supported by the crypt of currencies is nowadays something quite ordinary. How to recognize a real business opportunity is a matter of informing each individual. If you did not get enough information on our website to convince you to invest in our project, we invite you to write to us, or visit one of our channels to find additional information. We’ll be happy to answer your questions and we offer additional resources in the form of information.

How much money can I make?

Every investor expects to get the highest return on his investment, which is, of course, the main reason for investing. When BitCoin came into the market in 2009, it was predicted that it is bound to fail, but today we know how successful it has become. The founders of the CARCO project are not giving any promises of returns, because this information is of a relative nature, but we trust the team and we are convinced of the success of the project, because we are developing a product with extremely high potential of success. We have dedicated all our resources and have invested to bring you the project with highest profit margins.

Can invest on monthly basis?

At this stage of the project development, we invite investors who are ready to invest in the preICO and ICO campaign, which will take place in the 1st and 4th quarter of 2018. Monthly investment is not possible until the launch of the final product, but it will be possible as soon as our tokens are placed on trading platforms, where they will be free to buy and sell at current market prices.

An Introduction to CarCoPay

Considering the wide spectrum of the additional functionalities of the Carco product, we considered developing our CARCOPAY payment system, which will allow for the payment of various services within the Carco users and businesses that will support Carco payments. The latter will allow payment at stores, gas stations, car services, hairdressers etc. with the use of Carco Payment or at the level of currency transactions using our crypto currency, CARCO tokens

How does the CarCo Token work?

CARCO token is our official currency on which the CARCO payment system is based. CARCO token is based on ETH Blockchain technology. Each owner will be able to store their tokens in the Carco wallet, or in the ethereum wallet on the myetherwallet page, from where users can perform any transaction. Carco token will be accepted as a payment method for all our contract partners, sales, service stations, web portals, etc., where they will take and process CARCO tokens at its current value.

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